Diver Signalling System

The Diver Signalling System is developed to enable exchange of messages between a submarine and divers. The system consists of one Central Unit placed inside the submarine and one or more Diver Panel Units placed on the outside.

To create a message any combination of lamps is activated by pressing the corresponding push buttons. The same lamps are then lit on all panels in the system. The lamps can be lit in any order and also by operating on any panel in the system.

The Diver Panel Unit is machined from a massive piece of Polyoxymethylene where the lamps and push buttons have been mounted. The whole unit is then molded into a solid block to make the unit water and pressure resistant. The push buttons are made with a pressure-balanced technique so that the operating pressure is totally independent of the outside pressure. All parts exposed to water are made of plastic material or stainless steel. The Diver Panel Unit is tested for shock resistance to 160g and water depth up to 700m.

The Central Unit consist of an aluminum box with a panel similar to the Diver Panel Units. The system is normally powered by 24V DC but other supply voltages could be offered on request. An isolated DC/DC-converter is used to separate the system galvanically from the submarine mains, thereby eliminating the risk for an earth fault in the submarine in case of damaged cables or plugs.

General Technical Data
  • Central Unit:
    Diver Panel Unit:
  • Dimensions
    372x160x120mm 300x190x40mm
  • Weight 3,9kg
  • Shock resistance 15 g 160 g
  • Pressure tested 70 bar
  • Protection IP65
  • Voltage 20-28V DC
  • Current < 0,8A*