We do mechanical design

Due to our experience from different defence projects we have developed a certain skill for packaging of electronics and equipment.

Mechanical design

From the numerous components and systems, we delivered for submarine and naval applications we have developed a certain skill for packaging of electronics and equipment. Especially for systems on submarines the space restrictions are challenging.

To achieve the highest possible packing density for our systems we use a 3D CAD system. Electronic as well as mechanical prototyping is made within our facilities. We manufacture the majority of our mechanical details in-house through the use of cnc machines and 3D printing.

Due to our experience from defence projects we are also used to handle other special design requirements, such as resistance to water pressure, shock resistance and low noise emission.

In-house pressure testing can be made up to 70 bar. We also have the ability to verify that our systems fulfil the shock requirements by using a simulation tool. In-house environmental test can be done ranging from room temperature plus 5 °C up to 300 °C.

A natural part of our mechanical design is EMC, which means most of our products are built in EMI safe housings.

In addition to our internal test facilities, we hire external test Laboratories when deemed necessary to carry out certified tests of shock, vibration, EMC or other environmental requirements.

Example products

These products are made upon customer specifications.
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Rectifier Cabinet for PM Generators
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